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4 Must Have Pool Table Accessories and Equipment

So, you have a pool table in your game room. But do you have everything else? What about all the other important accessories that will help you bring your A-game to the table? Well, don’t worry. We have you covered. We have compiled a list of essential pool table accessories and equipment that are required for an entertaining and exciting evening of pool with your friends.

1. Pool ball set


No game of pool is possible without some high-quality pool balls. You should invest in a pool ball set that is properly polished and calibrated to provide you with great playability as well as longevity. It is preferable that you buy balls of regulation size and weight so that the set is suitable for all kinds of players, including beginners and casual players.

2. Triangle and diamond ball rack

Well, now that you have your pool balls, you need racks. There are two kinds of racks that you can choose from: the traditional 8-ball triangle and the 9-ball diamond. Your frames should also be of regulation size so that they hold the balls are held in a compact and uniform manner.

3. Maple cues

What would you even do with a modern pool table if you do not have maple cues? Buy a set of cues in which each cue comes in different weights. An ideal cue should be made of Canadian maple, which will make it sturdy and durable. You should also check the handles to ensure that they provide a good and comfortable grip.

4. Pool cue chalk box

It doesn’t matter if you are professional or a once-in-a-while novice, cue chalk is definitely a must-have at the pool table. Look for chalk that is of professional grade so that it goes on smoothly and does not cake easily. Good chalk will also help you curb the number of off-center hits so that you can have more consistent shots.

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