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How to Play Bumper Pool
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Bumper Pool is a variant of Pool that was developed to allow people to play the game on a smaller table, and for much smaller houses and spaces. It is a 2-player game that uses sticks or “cues” which are roughly half the length of a regular pool cue, and features a multi-sided table with obstacles called “bumpers” to make the game more challenging. Here is a short tutorial on how to play Bumper Pool.

  1. Start by setting up the table. The table will have 2 holes or “pockets” for each player’s side. It also features a set of obstacles called “bumpers” at the table’s center. There will also be a row of 5 starting spots for each player’s side of the table. These are where the Balls will be placed.
  2. There are 5 balls for each player (usually colored Red and White). One of each player’s balls will have a spot drawn or painted on them: the Red Ball will have a white spot, and the White Ball will have a red spot. These will be placed on the starting spots located in the middle of each player’s side of the table, right in front of each player’s pocket. Arrange the other balls on the other spots marked on the table
  3. Both players make their opening shots to their right by hitting their spotted balls with the cues. The balls must avoid the bumpers by banking off the sides of the table. The player whose ball is closer to the pocket goes first. If both players’ balls fall into the pockets, they must shoot again using the leftmost ball in the starting lineup of balls.
  4. If the player order has not yet been determined, both players keep shooting until they fail to pocket a ball. Once that happens, the other player takes his turn. The first ball to be pocketed must always be the spotted ball: the other four balls may then be pocketed in any order.
  5. When a player has pocketed his or her last ball, they are declared the winner.
  6. If a ball is knocked off the table, it must be placed in the center area where it is surrounded by the bumpers, and the next player takers their turn. If a player knocks their opponent’s ball off the table it must be placed back in its previous position and the offending player’s ball is placed in the center of the bumpers.

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