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Here at So Cal Pool Tables, one thing we love about the sport are all the many different variations you can play on a single table. Two of the most popular version of pool you can play on our world-class six-pocketed pool tables is traditional pool (or billiards) and snooker. Each have slight variations in play, and even the base game has variations played all over the world. Here are some of the differences in the rules of pool and snooker so you can choose the game you play.

Eight-Ball Pool
Perhaps the most common form of pool in the United States is called eight-ball. The game is played with a rack of sixteen balls in total, seven full-colored, seven stripped, a black eight ball, and the cue ball. The fifteen colored balls are racked at one end of the table while the cue ball is positioned on a line opposite the rack, and the game begins. The goal of the game is to claim a suit (either full-colored or stripped), pocket all of them with the cue ball before your opponent pockets all of theirs, and then pocket the eight ball. You also can’t pocket the eight ball accidentally before you pocket all of your chosen suit or you automatically lose the game.

Very popular in the United Kingdom, snooker is a much different take on pool. In snooker, there are fifteen red balls, six “colored” balls (colored other than red), and a cue ball. Each player must hit a red ball with every shot until a red ball is pocketed for a single point. Then, that player must then pocket a colored ball. If he succeeds, he scores additional points depending on the color of the ball – that is, yellow first (two points), then green (three points), brown (four points), blue (five points), pink (six points) and finally black (seven points). If the player fails to pocket a colored ball, the ball returns to the starting line and the next player aims for a red ball. This process continues until all red balls are pocketed, then each colored ball in order until all are pocketed. The player with the most points at the end wins the frame, and a game can consist of multiple frames.

Whether you prefer snooker or eight-ball pool, the professionals at So Cal Pool Tables are here to give you the highest-quality playing table at the best prices on the market. Check out our selection today, or contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to help you.

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