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Two Common Rulesets of Shuffleboard
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Shuffleboard is a sport that originated as far back as 15th century England, where both young and old slid silver coins across tables in order to score points. Table shuffleboard crossed over to the American continent in the 17th century and only grew in fame as the decades passed. By the start of the 20th century, table shuffleboard was played in highly publicized tournaments on the East Coast and enjoyed by thousands of people across the country. Here are just a few of the rulesets you can play with a shuffleboard table of your very own from So Cal Pool Tables.

Common Shuffleboard Rules
The most common set of shuffleboard rules plays like so: two people can play head-to-head (singles) or teams of two can face off (doubles). You alternate turns sliding, by hand, all four of your weights against your opponent(s) (this is called a round). The goal is to slide your weight into one of three scoring areas without the weight falling off the end of the board into the alley. The strategy comes in knocking your opponent’s weights out of the scoring area while trying to land your in. Common goals are first to fifteen or first to twenty-one. The trick is that the only team that earns points for each round is the one whose weight lands furthest, not counting any points from weights that may have landed behind your opponent’s weights. If any weight hangs over the edge of the three-point line and the alley at the end of the round, it counts as four points!

Crazy Eight Rules
Crazy Eight is a singles version of shuffleboard that starts by the first player taking all four of one color of weights in one hand and sliding them down the board, being sure they all pass the long foul line (if not, this is called a hickey, and you can increase the “bet” if you play for money). If they don’t they must be slid again. Once done, the player then takes the other four weights one at a time and attempts to knock off each of the weights at the end of the board. The individual weights that remain on the board after the others have been knocked out is kept as the score for the round. The player then plays, and it’s first to 15 or 21!

Play these fun shuffleboard games right in the comfort of your own home with the great selection of hardwood shuffleboard tables from So Cal Pool Tables. Call us at (323) 573-3449 for more information!

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