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Upcoming 2018 APA Pool Tournaments
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Looking to learn from the best in pool? Why not watch some tournament action? We’ve got some exciting games coming up this Spring and Summer! The APA, or the American Poolplayers Association, is holding their annual APA Poolplayer Championships this year at the Westgate Resort & Casino. This exciting event combines the APA 8-Ball Classic on April 25-27, 2018 and the APA 9-Ball Shootout April 27-29, 2018. Then, the APA is holding the APA Junior Championships on July 5-8, 2018 at the Renaissance Airport Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.

APA 8-Ball Classic
The event offers five skill tiers: Blue Tier (SL2&3), Yellow Tier (SL4), Red Tier (SL5), Orange (SL6) and Purple Tier (SL7). The champion in each tier receives $15,000 in cash and prizes. If you’re interested in playing in future competitions, you must be a member of the APA and have attained at least 10 League match scores during the past two years in your respective format. Also included in the event is the APA Wheelchair Championship for players in wheelchairs.

APA 9-Ball Shootout
This event is split into three skill tiers: Green Tier (SL1-3), White Tier (SL4&5) and Black Tier (SL6-9). The champion in each tier of this event receives $10,000 in cash and prizes. All of APA’s tournaments can be streamed live on during the event and are recorded for later viewing.

APA Junior Championships
Looking to get your kids in to the exciting world of pool? Every year the APA holds its annual APA Junior Championships for all APA members ages 7 to 18 who are currently enrolled as students or recently graduated. Players are sorted into skill levels and compete with their peers, which can differ with age. Last year’s championships at Sharkey’s Billiards in Davenport, Iowa saw nearly 300 kids compete to win, with four young players walking away as victors.

Think you've got what it takes to become a pool-playing champion? Then practice and play on your very own pool table from So Cal Pool Tables. We've got tournament-sized tables that will help players of all ages and skill levels learn to play! Contact us today for details.

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